TDLG Fall 2020


Due to the virulence of the omicron variant and the health measures in place, the team prefers not to comment on whether or not a fall 2022 event will be held.

This is only a postponement; the whole organization is looking ahead and is already looking forward to sharing its love for this wonderful country that is the Gaspé in a future edition.

See you soon, and a huge thank you for your understanding,

The TDLG team and board

The 7th edition of the Fall TDLG will be presented from September 19th to 26th, 2020. Participants will travel between Gaspesie’s mountains and sea, from the majestic Mounts Chic-Chocs to Gaspé.

Routes will be presented every night, with map support. It will be a pleasure for our logistics team to answer your questions.

When needed, bus transportation is arranged to bring hikers from accommodations to trails and back.

Hikers will travel an average of 15 to 20 km every day! The TDLG is an event without competition, it’s a challenge towards oneself, where everyone is a winner. 

Even though hiking is an accessible sport, the weather conditions in the mountains are often rigorous. The trails in the Chic-Chocs are hilly, narrow and full of obstacles. You have to be experimented and well prepared in order to enjoy your week safely.

For example, if you want to be well prepared for a day in the Chic-Chocs, you’d have to practice with a 20 km hike on hard to expert trails with several ascents and descents  at Mont Tremblant, Mont Orford or Mont Sainte-Anne.

Some days, you’ll be outside for at least 5 or 6 hours. Shelters won’t always be available and you’ll have to dress accordingly. Time to master the multilayer system! Access to supply points will not always be possible either, so you’ll have to make sure to stay hydrated and to carry enough food with you.

That being said, keep in mind that all the hardships that you’ll overcome during the week will lead you to unforgettable encounters in dreamlike sceneries. 


Here is a sneak peak of the routes for the Fall of 2020.

Please note that due to the changing weather conditions, the routes can be modified any moment.

The routes are exclusive to the TDLG and are elaborated by the TDLG team and its collaborators. We ask you not to use those routes after the event to ensure great partnerships with the communities, since the way rights are often only valid during the event.

Welcome | Saturday 09.19
Meet and greet in Parc national de la Gaspésie
Accommodation at Gîte du Mont-Albert

Day 1 | Sunday 09.20
Route in Parc national de la Gaspésie
Accommodation at Gîte du Mont-Albert

Day 2 | Monday 09.21
Route in Parc national de la Gaspésie
Accommodation at Gîte du Mont-Albert

Day 3 | Tuesday 09.22
Route in Parc national de la Gaspésie
Accommodation at Gîte du Mont-Albert

 Day 4 | Wednesday 09.23
Route on the way to Gaspé
Accommodation in Gaspé at Auberge sous les arbresHôtel Plante or Rodeway Inn Gaspé

Day 5 | Thursday 09.24
Route in the Gaspé area
Accommodation in Gaspé at Auberge sous les arbres, Hôtel Plante or Rodeway Inn Gaspé

Day 6 | Friday 09.25
Route in the Gaspé area
Accommodation in Gaspé at Auberge sous les arbres, Hôtel Plante or Rodeway Inn Gaspé

The end | Saturday 09.26
Breakfast and departure

Accommodations are assigned by TDLG’s team, depending on chosen package and room availability.

Prices and packages

The TDLG offers a worry-free vacation, featuring:

• Six days of hiking or running with all the logistical support and safety you need;
• Seven nights’ accommodations;
• All meals, including seven suppers featuring regional fare;
• Snacks, water and provisions along the trail;
• Quality organised activities every evening;
• Medical resources;
• And so much more!

Accommodation packages
The prices depends on the type of accommodations you choose. Packages offered include meals and all other services provided during the TDLG, as well as all taxes.

Single occupancy: $3,300 / person
This package guarantees the participant a room with a private bathroom at every TDLG stop.

Double occupancy – 2 beds: $2,400 / person
This package guarantees one room for two people, with two beds and a private bathroom, at a hotel or motel at every TDLG stop.

Double occupancy – 1 bed: $2,200 / person
This package guarantees one room for two people, with one bed and a private bathroom, at a hotel or motel at every TDLG stop.

You form a group of three? Contact us!

Quadruple occupancy: $1,700 / person
Ideal for groups of friends, this package features two double or larger beds per room, with a private bathroom. If you’re not participating in the TDLG with friends, we’ll pair you with other participants, taking into account some criteria to make sure you have a most pleasant stay. We’re good at this!

Friends’ occupancy: $1,500 / person
The perfect solution for those on a budget. Participants who choose this package will share the following spaces: each bedroom will have 4 occupants (sharing 2 double beds) and each bathroom will accommodate no more than 8 people. Accommodations will be provided at cottages or hotels.

No cancellations will be accepted except in the case of a fortuitous event such as an accident, death or serious illness. It’s important to point out that if you cancel your booking, a $250 fee will be retained. No cancellations will be accepted after August 19th 2020. Contact your insurance broker for information about trip cancellation insurance.


Once you get in Gaspesie, the TDLG will take care of everything, including transportation. However, all participants have to join the group by 4 pm on Saturday, September 19th, 2019 at the Gîte du Mont-Albert. To help you get there on time, we offer a variety of options.

Chartered coaches

To keep our impact on the environment as slight as possible, we offer a shuttle service by chartered coach in collaboration with the carrier, Orléans Express. The bus will leave in the morning on September 19th. You have to bring your lunch for the trip out but we’ll provide a boxed lunch for the return trip.

Montréal – Gaspésie (round trip): $280 (taxes included)
Montréal Bus Station (1717 Rue Berri)

Québec – Gaspésie (round trip) : $250 (taxes included)
Sainte-Foy Bus Terminal (3001 Chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois),

Rimouski – Gaspésie (round trip) : $170 (taxes included)
Rimouski Bus Terminal (90 Avenue Léonidas Sud)

Gaspé – Parc national de la Gaspésie – (September 26th) : $100 (taxes included)
To get back to your car parked at Gîte du Mont-Albert
Departure at 8 am on Saturday, September 26th.

You can choose to arrive in Gaspé by plane (Pascan Aviation). You have to organise this on your own.

Personal vehicle
If you choose to use your personal vehicle to travel in Gaspésie, you will have to leave it parked for the week at Gîte du Mont-Albert. No personal vehicles will be allowed during the week.
If you want to reduce your ecological footprint, you can participate to carbon offsetting by planting trees:


To make it easier for you to get around during the week and to ensure space in buses, we ask you to bring only one piece of luggage weighting no more than 20 kg *.
To avoid loss of material, please identify your suitcase, your daily backpack and your hiking poles.

*Suggested weight. Note that you will have to carry your luggage by yourself, sometimes up and down stairs. Thus, the ideal weight is the one you can carry.

Gear List
Mandatory equipment:

• Hiking boots**
• Hiking socks** (avoid cotton, wool or synthetic socks are better)
• Hiking pole(s)
• Waterproof pants and jacket (preferably made of a breathable fabric like Gore-Tex)
• Warm clothing (including underwear of merino wool or synthetic material such as lycra, polyester, etc.)
• Your usual hiking clothes
• 1 down-filled or synthetic insulating coat
• 1 first-aid kit (acetaminophen, bandages for blisters, etc.) and sunscreen
• Your health insurance card• 1 tool kit with : head lamp with spare batteries, 1 whistle, small knife, duck tape, lighter
• Paper tissues, toilet paper
• 1 plastic travel mug with carabiner to attach the mug to the outside of your back pack
• 2 one-litre bottles or a 2-litre gourd (CamelBak-type
• Day pack (about 20 litres, no frame required)
• Your reusable lunch bag, utensils and plastic container (about 750 ml)

Non-mandatory equipment:
• Gaiters
• Fleece or wool toque and gloves
• Hat or cap and sunglasses
• Travel sheet (recommended for more privacy in quadruple or friends’ occupancy)
• Snacks (in addition to the lunches we provide, depending of your appetite)
• 1 water purification or treatment kit, or water purification tablets (not mandatory)
• Bathing suit and towel

Gear you need for the evening:

• Comfortable evening wear
 A pair of light comfortable sandals, flipflop style (to let your feet/blisters breathe between each day) 
• Cash (for massotherapy, drinks at the bar, souvenirs, etc.)
• Ear plugs
• Bathing suit and towel

For specific questions regarding the required gear, contact our logistic coordinator Laurence Provencher

** For your greater comfort and to keep the risk of blistering to a minimum, we strongly recommend you wear your hiking boots often prior to the TDLG to “break them in”. We also suggest you wear a pair of thin socks under your hiking socks.


Cardio Plein Air: official training partners
A Cardio Plein Air certified trainer will spend the week with you to give warm up sessions in the morning and stretching activities at the end of the day. To be in the best shape possible for the event, here are some training programs and tips.

You would like to join a training group to help motivate you in your training?
Contact Cardio Plein Air!

If you prefer individual training, you can also prepare with these exercises prepared by Isabelle Provencher from La bouffée d’énergie.

The TDLG is not a marathon. Your personal training, taking into account your skills and what you want to accomplish during the cross-country hike, is amply sufficient. Although we hope you will be able to make the most of the proposed route, we do offer opportunities along the route where you can leave the trail if you don’t feel able to go on.

For a fun-filled TDLG…
Here are few training suggestions from Jean St-Denis, better known as Jeannôt, a friend of the TDLG and college-level physical education teacher (he is known to have taught a hiking class in the Alps).

“Basically, there’s only one specific thing you need to do to get in shape: Walk as often as possible as you go about your daily activities (at work and when you shop for groceries, visit friends, go to church, bingo, see your psychotherapist, etc.). And as you do so, wear the boots you’ll be using during the Traversée de la Gaspésie. Walk, walk, walk all day long, and be happy and joyful while doing so! Walk when you play golf or soccer; walk when you get your groceries; take the stairs; and go about your daily routine on foot. Then, from time to time, go for a long hike, ideally a two-day outing… and be sure to carry the back pack you’ll be using during the TDLG.

As an easy guideline, I suggest you walk 115 km (a bit more than the length of the TDLG route) during the month leading up to the event. Since this year’s proposed route is not exactly flat, it would be a good idea to do your preparatory hiking in similar terrain (in hilly country with lots of ups and downs), and do some interval training. Some muscle-building exercises would also make the TDLG hike more enjoyable.

In September, you should be walking a lot, especially in the early part of the month when you also include a few interval training sessions. And above all, look at something other than your feet.”

Jeannôt also suggests you read pages 178 -179 of Guy Thibault’s book Entraînement cardio, sports d’endurance et performance, Vélo Québec Éditions, 2009. “It’s very methodological and highly technical (maybe too much so) but it’s a great guideline.”

You will meet them during the week

All week, artists will offer conferences, music, reading and unusual performance to cheer up your evening and spice up your days.
* Note that artists may differ from those shown below *

Bianca Lévesque, DJ Mom

Originaire de la Haute-Gaspésie, DJ Mom jongle entre la vie de famille, le travail, ses implications et le Djisme! Amoureuse des sonorités métissées, elle prêtera une attention particulière à votre confort musical et saura jouer de sa passion pour enflammer la piste! Au plaisir de sévir!

Élodie Samuel-Leduc, artiste et enseignante en jeux et expression corporelle

Elle s’intéresse à tout ce qui touche le corps en mouvement. Élodie se promène entre divers univers artistiques tel que le cirque, diverses formes de danse et d’arts martiaux, le théâtre physique et la percussion.  Elle habite et participe à différents projets artistiques en Gaspésie, ailleurs au Québec et à l’internationale. Elle en est à sa 3e participation comme artiste à la TDLG.

TDLG board of directors
Claudine Roy, president (successful business woman, 2018 Excellence Award from UQAR Graduates, 150th Medal of the Senate of Canada, Knight of the l’Ordre national du Québec and Member of the Order of Canada)
Thierry Pétry, vice president, anesthetist and one half of a two-person skiing expedition to the South Pole with Bernard Voyer
Odette Cavanagh, secretary-treasurer, retired teacher
Carmen Léger, administrator, singing teacher
Gilles Mathurin, administrator, heavy equipment operator at Ville de Gaspé
Marie-Josée Talbot, administrator, guide and specialist at Karavaniers
Maryse Arsenault, administrator, retired physiotherapist

Board of governors
The expertise of the members makes a great support for the organization.
Gaston Morin, retired ex-teacher
Denis Henryretired manager and ex-mayor of Carleton-sur-Mer

TDLG team – 418-368-8803

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