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TDLG skis and snowshoes

17th edition: February 23 to March 2nd, 2019

The Traversée de la Gaspésie (TDLG) cross-country and snowshoeing expedition is an all-inclusive, week-long sport vacation in the enchanting setting of the Gaspé Peninsula in winter.

Welcome to all; the TDLG welcomes skiers and snowshoers as young as 7 years of age and keeps everyone in great shape. In 2018 the group’s oldest participant was 78!

The TDLG is the Gaspé in winter as it displays its splendours and culture, and shares the legendary warm welcome of its inhabitants. It is a place of extraordinary human encounters where mutual assistance and humour foster the creation of new friendships.

The TDLG is a journey where sport is the unifying reason for a celebration of life in all its forms.




Organised activities, suppers featuring regional fare and a number of surprises will add to the delights of the skiing and snowshoeing trails making this a week filled with discoveries and encounters. Everything is organised for participants: from transportation to lodging, from meals to entertainment, and of course the trails (groomed and marked for cross-country skiing) and safety.

The daily distance varies by sport. Skiers cover an average of 35 km of trail while snowshoers enjoy a 10- to 15-km trail. Skiers who want a day off during the week can choose to snowshoe, and vice versa.

What do the skiers and snowshoers have to do? Sign up, stay in shape, get your gear ready and enjoy everything the TDLG has to offer!


After a day on the trail, what can be better than some time out while our massage therapists work their magic. Provided by our professionals, at a cost of $35 per session, this gentle attention will restore your energy for the next day; we guarantee it!

Plan to have some cash on hand. No credit or debit cards will be accepted.



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