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We offer several accomodations possibilities, with different associated fees. Please note that the fees include meals, lodging , transportation between course waypoints and applicable taxes.
Single : 3 200 $
Double : 2 200 $
Quadruple (2 double beds) : 1 700 $
Friendly (4 double beds) : 1 500 $
Person(s) who will be sharing rout room (if known) :
*If you do not know anyone that is registered to the TDLG, we will assign your roomates according to certain compatibility criteria.


To help you get to the Gaspésie, we offer a charted bus services. If you choose to use your personal vehicle to travel to the Gaspé Peninsula, we invite you to leave it in Gaspé, where you'll be able to access it by the end of the adventure. You'll then need to secure your spot on the shuttle services from Gaspé to Carleton. (Required)
Montreal : 140$
Montreal : 140$
Quebec : 125$
Quebec : 125$
Rimouski : 85$
Rimouski : 85$
Gaspé : 70$

Wonderful pictures will be taken by professionals during the TDLG. Choose this option if you wish to receive a printable selection of these pictures. High resolution versions will be available for downloading 3 weeks after the event. : 40$


Have you ever participated on the TDLG before? (Check the corresponding years if applicable)

Winter editions

On foot editions


Only for reasons deemed major will a cancellation be considered. All cancellations will incur a 250$ fee. There will be no reimbursements after the 22nd of August 2018. We recommend you to subscribe to a travel insurance.

I have read and I accept the 2018 cancellation disclaimer


I authorise the Traversées de la Gaspésie communication team to use any pictures or audio/video footage portraying me in their electronic media, web and/or printed publicities or promotion tools without requesting any form of paiement.

I accept


I am registered to a Cardio Plein Air course this Spring/Summer 2018:

Park's name

I thank you for sending me back 50$ upon my TDLG registration fees.


The Traversée de la Gaspésie event is an outdoor adventure journey and may include some risk inherent to the practice of outdoor sports in a natural setting. By registering for this event, I accept this risk in any case, regardless of what may happen.

I accept to be personally responsible for the risks implied.


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