TDLG on foot

DU SEPTEMBER 22 TO 29, 2018


Overview of the 2018 TDLG on foot route

Under the theme, ”back to our roots”, the 5th edition will make you discover the natural beauty of Carleton-sur-Mer, the legendary city of Percé and the famous Land’s End: Gaspé.

The TDLG routes will be presented to participants on a daily basis. Maps in hand, the logistic team will be delighted to answer your questions!

When necessary, bus transportation will be provided to take hikers and runners to their departure areas and then back to their lodging once they reach the end of the route.

The TDLG hickers and runners will travel an average of 15-20 km every day! Either on foot or running, the TDLG is an event without competition, it’s a challenge towards oneself, where everyone is a winner. The six routes of the week will be announced soon. 

September 22nd: Welcome to all participants at Carleton-sur-Mer and overnight at Hostellerie Baie Bleue
Septembre 23-24 : Accommodation at Hostellerie Baie Bleue
Septembre 25-26: Two nights in Percé, at La Normandie or l’Auberge Les Trois Soeurs
September 27-28 : Two nights in Gaspé at Auberge sous les Arbres, Hôtel Plante or Motel Adam
September 29th : Breakfast and departure

* The routes may change right up to the last minute depending on various factors beyond our control. This explains why maps are available only the week prior to the event. Thank you for your understanding.

Prices and packages

The TDLG offers a worry-free vacation, featuring:

• Six days of hiking or running with all the logistical support and safety you need;
• Seven nights’ accommodations;
• All meals, including seven suppers featuring regional fare;
• Snacks, water and provisions along the trail;
• Quality organised activities every evening;
• Medical resources;
• And so much more!

Accommodation packages
The prices depends on the type of accommodations you choose. Packages offered include meals and all other services provided during the TDLG, as well as all taxes.

Single occupancy: $3,200 / person 
This package guarantees the participant a room with a private bathroom at every TDLG stop.

Double occupancy: $2,200 / person
This package guarantees one room for two people (2 beds), with a private bathroom, at a hotel, motel or bed-and-breakfast establishment at every TDLG stop.

You form a group of three? Contact us!

Quadruple occupancy: $1,700 / person

Ideal for groups of friends, this package features two double or larger beds per room, with a private bathroom. If you’re not participating in the TDLG with friends, we’ll pair you with other participants, taking into account some criteria to make sure you have a most pleasant stay. We’re good at this!

Friends’ occupancy: $1,500 / person
This package offers the comfort of a bed in a bedroom and the friendliness of a dormitory. Participants who choose this package will share the following spaces: each bedroom will have 4 occupants (sharing 2 double beds) and each bathroom will accommodate no more than 8 people. Accommodations will be provided at cottages, bed-and-breakfast establishments or motels.

No cancellations will be accepted except in the case of a fortuitous event such as an accident, death or serious illness. It’s important to point out that if you cancel your booking, a $250 fee will be retained. No cancellations will be accepted after August 23rd, 2018. Contact your insurance broker for information about trip cancellation insurance.


Once you get to the Gaspé peninsula, the TDLG will take care of everything, including transportation. However, all participants have to join the group by 4 pm on Saturday, September 22nd, 2018 at the Hostellerie Baie Bleue To help you get there on time, we offer a variety of options.

Chartered coaches

To keep our impact on the environment as slight as possible, we offer a shuttle service by chartered coach in collaboration with the carrier, Orléans Express. The bus will leave in the morning on September 22nd. You have to bring your lunch for the trip out but we’ll provide a boxed lunch for the return trip.

Montréal – Gaspésie (round trip): $280 (taxes included)
September 22nd – Montréal Bus Station (1717 Rue Berri)

Québec – Gaspésie (round trip) : $250 (taxes included)
September 22nd – Sainte-Foy Bus Terminal (3001 Chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois),

Rimouski – Gaspésie (round trip) : $170 (taxes included)
September 22nd – Rimouski Bus Terminal (90 Avenue Léonidas Sud)

Gaspé – Carleton-sur-Mer : $70 (taxes included)

You can choose to arrive in Gaspé by plane (Air Canada Jazz). You have to organise this on your own. However, we can offer you transportation on September 22nd, from Gaspé to Carleton-sur-Mer (transportation : 70$ taxes included, per person).

Personal vehicle
If you choose to use your personal vehicle to travel to the Gaspé Peninsula, we invite you to leave it in Gaspé (exact parking lot to confirm) and booked your seat aboard the chartered coach from Gaspé to Carleton-sur-Mer ($70). We’ll be delighted to offer you a spot in a parking lot (you’ll have to pay the parking fee, if applicable). More details soon.


To make it easier for you to get around during the week and to lighten the load for our volunteers, we ask you to bring only one piece of luggage weighting no more than 20 kg *.  To avoid loss of material, please identify your suitcase, your daily backpack and your hiking poles.

Gear List
• Hiking boots**
• Hiking socks** (avoid cotton, wool or synthetic socks are better)
• Day pack (about 30 to 35 litres, no frame required)
• Hiking pole(s) (required: at least one retractable pole)
• Waterproof pants and jacket (preferably made of a breathable fabric like Gore-Tex)
• 1 whistle
• 1 head lamp with spare batteries
• 2 one-litre bottles or a 2-litre gourd (CamelBak-type)
• Warm clothing (including underwear of merino wool or synthetic material such as lycra, polyester, etc.)
• Your usual hiking clothes
• 1 down-filled or synthetic insulating coat
• Gaiters
• Fleece or wool toque and gloves
• Hat or cap and sunglasses
• 1 first-aid kit (acetaminophen, bandages for blisters, etc.) and sunscreen
• 1 plastic travel mug with carabiner to attach the mug to the outside of your back pack
• 1 small knife
• 6 to 7 metres of adhesive tape (duct tape)
• Snacks (in addition to the lunches we provide, depending of your appetite)
• 1 water purification or treatment kit, or water purification tablets (not mandatory)
• Paper tissues, toilet paper
• Ziploc-type plastic bags
• Your health insurance card
• Your reusable lunch bag

Gear you need for the evening
• Comfortable evening wear
• Cash (for massotherapy, drinks at the bar, souvenirs, etc.)
• Ear plugs
• Swimwear and towel

For specific questions regarding the required gear, contact our logistic coordinator Simon Tessier

** For your greater comfort and to keep the risk of blistering to a minimum, we strongly recommend you wear your hiking boots often prior to the TDLG to “break them in”. We also suggest you wear a pair of thin socks under your hiking socks.

Download the list in pdf. format >


Cardio Plein Air: official training partners
A Cardio Plein Air certified trainer will be abord the cruise ship to give warm up sessions in the morning and stretching activities at the end of the day. And to be in the best shape possible for the event, here are some training programs and tips.

You would like to join a training group to help motivate you in your training?
Contact Cardio Plein Air!

The TDLG is not a marathon. Your personal training, taking into account your skills and what you want to accomplish during the cross-country hike, is amply sufficient. Although we hope you will be able to make the most of the proposed route, we do offer opportunities along the route where you can leave the trail if you don’t feel able to go on.

For a fun-filled TDLG…
Here are few training suggestions from Jean St-Denis, better known as Jeannôt, a friend of the TDLG and college-level physical education teacher (he’s notably taught a hiking course in the Alps).

“Basically, there’s only one specific thing you need to do to get in shape: Walk as often as possible as you go about your daily activities (at work and when you shop for groceries, visit friends, go to church, bingo, see your psychotherapist, etc.). And as you do so, wear the boots you’ll be using during the Traversée de la Gaspésie. Walk, walk, walk all day long, and be happy and joyful while doing so! Walk when you play golf or soccer; walk when you get your groceries; take the stairs; and go about your daily routine on foot. Then, from time to time, go for a long hike, ideally a two-day outing… and be sure to carry the back pack you’ll be using during the TDLG.

As an easy guideline, I suggest you walk 115 km (a bite more of the length of the TDLG route) during the month leading up to the event. Since this year’s proposed route is not exactly flat, it would be a good idea to do your preparatory hiking in similar terrain (in hilly country with lots of ups and downs), and do some interval training. Some muscle-building exercises would also make the TDLG hike more enjoyable.

In September, you should be walking a lot, especially in the early part of the month when you also include a few interval training sessions. And above all, look at something other than your feet.”

Jeannôt also suggests you read pages 178 -179 of Guy Thibault’s book Entraînement cardio, sports d’endurance et performance, Vélo Québec Éditions, 2009. “It’s very methodological and highly technical (maybe too much so) but it’s a great guideline.”


Sophie Faucher, porte-parole de la porte-parole, comédienne et animatrice

Sophie a découvert la TDLG en 2009 et depuis, elle se fait un devoir et un plaisir immense d’en parler à chaque occasion. « Gaspésienne d’adoption », c’est une ambassadrice convaincue. Sophie skie de bon cœur et trouve toujours le moyen de semer la joie sur son passage. Son mollet de feu est prêt pour la bottine et ses diverses réjouissances.

Sylvie Gallant, accordéoniste et semeuse de bonne humeur

Animatrice, chanteuse et compositrice, Sylvie divertit petits et grands depuis un quart de siècle. Ces dernières années, elle s’est surtout consacrée au public jeunesse avec son personnage de Gallantine. De plus en plus, elle joue ses propres compositions, parfois à saveur folklorique avec un zeste slave. On la compare à une étoile filante qui laisse sur son sillage un peu de magie et beaucoup de bonheur! Elle sera fidèle au poste pour stimuler la troupe au départ et l’accueillir à l’arrivée.

Nancy Gauthier, comédienne, entraîneuse et franchisée Cardio Plein Air Rimouski

Grande amoureuse de la Gaspésie et de la TDLG, cette comédienne a plus d’une corde à son arc! Animatrice, massothérapeute, entraîneuse certifiée et femme d’affaires. Tout au long de la semaine elle donnera les séances d’échauffement le matin et d’étirement au retour des randonneurs. Ce sera sa 8e TDLG depuis 2005 et sa 2e Bottine.
La Gaspésie elle l’a tatoué sur le cœur.

*Guests attending during the week may vary according to their availability*


TDLG board of directors
Claudine Roy, president (successful business woman, Knight of the Ordre national du Québec)
Thierry Pétry, vice president, anaesthetist and one half of a two-person skiing expedition to the South Pole with Bernard Voyer
Odette Cavanagh, secretary-treasurer, retired teacher
Denis Henry, administrator, retired manager and mayor of Carleton-sur-Mer
Carmen Léger, administrator, singing teacher
Gilles Mathurin, administrator, heavy equipment operator at Ville de Gaspé
Marie-Josée Talbot, guide and specialist at Karavaniers

Board of governors
Also called the ”master” committee, the expertise of the members makes a great support to the organization. 
Gaston Morin
, retired administrator and teacher

TDLG team – 418-368-8803
Andrée-Anne Roberge
,  Project coordinator
Simon Tessier
, Logistics coordinator

Communications and Press
Marie-Claude Costicella – 418-355-9488 (Local and social media)
Nadine Méthot – 514-730-0327 (National and regional media)

Artistic Programming
Maïté Samuel-Leduc

Our partners