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The Traversée De La Gaspésie cross-country skiing event: THE TWELTH EDITION

Gaspé, November 8, 2013 – From February 22 to March 1, 2014, the cross-country skiers participating in the Traversée De La Gaspésie (TDLG) event will be on their way to pure pleasure on the snow-covered trails of the Gaspé Peninsula for a 12th edition. For seven days and across nearly 200 km, skiers from around the world will be sharing the trails to discover the Gaspé winter.

Through hill and dale, across the Gaspé. For its twelfth edition, the TDLG offers skiers four days on trails in the majestic Chic-Chocs. Leaving from Gîte du Mont-Albert, they will cross kilometre after kilometre in the immense Parc national de la Gaspésie hinterland. Midway through their journey, the skiers will be guided to Murdochville and from there, they will cross the mountains to the town of Gaspé. “It’s important for us to take the skiers to the different communities and villages so they can enjoy a truly human experience by meeting residents,” indicated Claudine Roy, TDLG president.

Their next host will be Forillon National Park of Canada, a splendid seaside setting. The adventure will end in beauty as the skiers arrive on Rue de la Reine in downtown Gaspé on Friday, February 28, where the public and students from neighbouring schools will be invited to greet the skiers with their traditional welcome. As is the case every year, the TDLG invites residents to join the skiers on the trails throughout the adventure.

Visitors from the United States on the trails. So far, 25% of the participants who have signed up for the 2014 TDLG are from the United States. Encouraged by journalist Tim Neville who wrote an article published in the New York Times last February, several people from the States have decided to experience the adventure. “Our international marketing efforts are starting to pay off and the TDLG is increasingly known outside Canada,” said Roy. A number of Canadians from other provinces and a few Europeans will also be taking part this year.

A medley of sports, art, and the region’s fine food fare. The TDLG is not just a skiing adventure; it is also an opportunity for cultural encounters and discovery. This year will be no different, with a rich and varied program for the skiers to enjoy. For the twelfth edition, visual artist Jean-François Racine will be back for a second year as painter/skier, creating live on the trails. Music has always been an essential component of this magnificent adventure and the TDLG jazz quartet will be playing live during the festive evenings. The Zappalaches, travelling musicians who join the skiers at the trail-side shelters and water stations, will also be with us again. And as usual, there will be something for all five senses; the TDLG will offer skiers the flavours and fragrances of the Gaspé by taking particular care to use local products.

Our faithful spokespersons! What would the TDLG be without its spokesperson for life, actor Isabel Richer? She will return to the limelight this year with her colleague Sophie Faucher, the event’s great ambassador. The two spokespersons for the TDLG on wheels, Emmanuel Bilodeau and Édith Cochrane, will also do us the honour of spending a few days with us this winter.

A third cycling tour. The third TDLG on wheels will be held in 2014. From July 5 to 12, participating cyclists will be taking to the roads of the Gaspé. “Given the highly encouraging comments we’ve received from participants in last year’s TDLG on wheels, we’ve decided to continue our efforts to make this event an annual one for the Gaspé Peninsula,” said the clearly pleased president. Notably, the plan is to have cyclists explore roads along Chaleur Bay.

TDLG on foot. Next fall, the organisation will be hosting its first TDLG on foot, in partnership with the International Appalachian Trail, on the Peninsula’s hiking trails. “We’ve been working for two years with the Fédération Française de la Randonnée Pédestre. They have a huge potential market of hikers who could be interested in discovering our Gaspé Peninsula trails in the fall. This will also be something for Quebecers of all ages who are increasingly attracted by organised adventures like the TDLG,” said Roy. The TDLG on foot will be held from September 27 to October 4, 2014.

A loyal partner. The organisation is also delighted that its partnership with Kanuk, loyal TDLG supporter, has been renewed. Kanuk will again be the event’s sponsoring partner.

About the TDLG. Every year since February 2003, the Traversée de la Gaspésie has hosted an unforgettable week of cross-country skiing in the enchanting setting of the Gaspé Peninsula. The week of merry-making, skiing, friendship, personal challenge, pleasure, seaside and mountains brings together men and women of all ages, from all walks of life and from around the world.

The 2014 TDLG is sponsored by Kanuk and receives financial support from the Government of Canada, the Government of Québec, Ville de Gaspé and local development centres as well as from the Gîte du Mont-Albert, Desjardins, the Fonds de solidarité FTQ, Orléans Express and Motel Adams.


Source:Maïté Samuel-Leduc
General Manager

Media relations: Des Ruisseaux Communications

The Traversée De La Gaspésie cross-country skiing event: THE TWELTH EDITION